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Pray • Eat • Enjoy • Community • Together!

6:00 pm Service
7:00 pm Dinner

Friday, October 6th

Community Shabbat Service followed by dinner for a Simchat Torah & Consecration Celebration!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bar Sponsor: Sponsor the bar for one Shabbat dinner which includes Top Shelf liquor along with a uniformed bartender on staff. One Dinner Sponsorship for the Bar, $180.00
Dessert Sponsor: Sponsor the dessert for one Shabbat dinner which includes a variety of baked goods, fruit, mini pastries, and cake. One Dinner Sponsorship for Dessert, $180.00
Gift of Shabbat: Sponsor one Shabbat dinner for the Congregation. One Dinner $540.00
Gift of Light: Sponsor five Shabbat dinners for the Congregation. Your choice of dates. Five Dinners $2,500.00
Shabbat Angel: Sponsor the entire series of Shabbat dinners for the year. $6,000.00

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