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PICKLEBALL League - Instruction Led or Open Play

Pickleball is HERE! You have a choice of "Instruction Led" or "Open Play"

Play in our amazing Handelman Hall Gym, with all the advantages for a GREAT Pickleball experience!

Make sure you also make your choice(s) on the TeamReach App (if you haven't already, visit the website at www.tinr.org, to click on the link) after you pay here. Doesn't matter what you do first, as long as you do both.

Open Play Options: Mondays, Wednesday, or Fridays

Cost: $118, 10 players, 13-week commitment (for intermediate/experienced players)

Instructor Led Option: Beginner on Mondays, or Intermediate on Thursdays

Cost: $180, 10 players, 6-week commitment, all equipment provided (for beginners, or fine-tuning skills)

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