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Chavaya Snack Money on Account

Each year Chavaya sells pizza, snacks, and drinks to students when they arrive at Temple Israel on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:15-4:00pm. This is both a fundraiser for Chavaya, and a benefit for our students. Many parents deposit “money on account” in the Chavaya office so their children do not have to remember to take money with them for snack. This is a convenient method for you to make those payments through Payquiq, our online banking system. We will monitor what your child spends and let you know when s/he is running low on funds so that you may redeposit to their account.
Snack Costs for 2019-2020/5780:
Pizza $3.00   Drink $1.00   Snack $.75   Fruit $.50 
1 pizza + 1 drink + 1 snack = $4.00 (Combo)
2 pizza + 1 drink + 1 snack = $7.00 (Double Combo)
Money on Account Amounts:
Option 1 $20.00
Option 2 $40.00
Option 3 $60.00
Option 4 $100.00
Option 5 $150.00

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