How does it work?
PAYQUIQ has worked with Temple Israel of New Rochelle to prepare the various donation forms and payment services. Once you enter your donation and payment information the payments are processed through our banks and Temple Israel receives notification of the payment.

How do I know my information is secure?
All of the information including credit card numbers and checking account information is maintained with the latest in data encryption technology and maintained behind secure firewalls. In addition all information is communicated using SSL technology. We also subscribe to a third party anti-hacking service that regularly tests our security to ensure the information is fully protected from hackers.

When are the actual payments made to the organization?

Payments made by credit card are received by the organization on the next business day. If made before 3:00 Pacific time. Please allow 2 business days for electronic check payments to be processed.

What if I have a problem with the site?
If you are unable to access the site or your specific account please use the Contact Us form on the site to send a description of the problem. PAYQUIQ will respond as quickly as possible to resolve your problem.

What are the fees for the service?

Any fees will be clearly displayed on the web page at the time of entry. In some cases fees are not charged to consumers.

What if I have another organization that I would like to use your service?

PAYQUIQ is very interested in bringing new clients into our service. Please provide the name and contact information in the Contact Us Section. Please let us know if it is okay to use your name as a referral. Thank you!!

What if a payment is not made on time?

PAYQUIQ is not responsible for late payments. We recommend that you enter in a payment a few days before the payment is due. Any late payment fees or charges should be addressed with the accounts receivable person within the organization. If a payment is made and the payment is rejected by your bank PAYQUIQ is not responsible for any late fees or returned items fees.